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Why Choose MIAG


MIAG is the thought leader in the field of Small Business Management and Development and has played a key role in shaping, launching and guiding hundreds of new businesses in the workplace industry itself. CEO and Founder Fred Milligan wrote the defining book “The Minority Business: How Minority Business Empower the Economy. Fred Milligan is a sought-after speaker on Economic Empowerment today and tomorrow. 


MIAG is a business development/consulting firm that builds sustained strategic relationships, deploying a stable base of consultants to specific engagements over time rather than rotating personnel.


Since 2006, MIAG has worked to help launch more than 700 small businesses and has worked with thousands to repair/restore their personal and business credit profiles. This experience in and focus on the personal and business community is unmatched.


If you’re a business woman, don’t pass up an opportunity to join MIAG.  MIAG allows women of minority owned businesses to work with others to achieve your goals.  Many women, colleagues and clients swear by the support of MIAG.


MIAG supports the Power in Numbers concept: MIAG Builds Community Strength and Empowers Growth.

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