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Minority Investors

Alliance Group



Founded in 2006, the Minority Investors Alliance Group serves as an advocate for the creation, growth, and general welfare of Minority businesses in the Dallas community. Minority Investors Alliance Group actively promotes the expansion of business opportunities of our membership through referrals, partnerships, seminars, technical assistance, and marketing.


Minority Investors Alliance Group focuses on advocating for economic and business development, education, and special projects. Our membership is the pivotal component of our success – it’s the only way we can make a difference! We commit to leading, educating, and advocating in the Dallas business community, making the North Texas region a great place for our members to do business.


Business & Economic Development

The Business and Economic Development Committee monitors, solicits and maintains information on business opportunities and provides direction and programs for economic development for Minority Investors Alliance members.

Communications & Marketing

The Communication & Marketing Committee coordinates the public image of the Minority Investors Alliance Group Minority Investors Alliance Group develops and implements communications to keep the Alliance’s members, strategic partners, stakeholders and other impact groups informed about Minority Investors Alliance program initiatives. Minority Investors Alliance Group assists with member communications/development, marketing materials, media materials and website development.


Our History

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